PassCodes - The modern online password generator using quantum randomness

Use the next generation password generator based on real quantum randomness.

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Why should you use PassCodes as password generator?

Quantum Indeterminacy

Traditional password generators rely on mathematical algorithms that generate pseudo-random numbers. Unfortunately, all pseudo-random generators are based on a single seed to generate random sequences. This means that someone who gains access to the seed will be able to reproduce and predict all random numbers respectively all passwords of this generator. In contrast, our service uses truly unpredictable randomness generated by a quantum computer.

Secure Encryption

All data is transmitted through entirely secure open source encryption algorithms.

  • SSL Accessible data is transmitted via an HTTPS connection signed by a trusted SHA-2 SSL certificate.
  • Mcrypt Additionally, configuration and sensitive data is encrypted with Mcrypt before transmission.
  • OpenPGP Ultimately, passwords are encrypted by a 2048bit or (optionally) 4096bit PGP key.


Sensitive data like your PGP key are stored in your browser. Our servers don't collect passwords or any other personal data. Once randomness or raw password data is returned to your browser, it becomes permanently erased.


You can customize your passwords parameters however you like.

  • Default All character types are enabled.
  • Binary Only 0s and 1s.
  • Decimal Only numeric characters as used for PINs.
  • Hexadecimal Only numeric characters and characters from a to f.
  • Alphanumeric Only numeric and lowercase characters.
  • Custom Choose each character type seperately.